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Recommended Specs for Laptop Rental in Irvine

Recommended Specs for Laptop Rental in Irvine

Are you spending some time in Irvine and you need to use a laptop? Worry not as you can find a good number of businesses that offer laptop rental in Irvine. Just be sure that you are getting something that will sufficiently serve your needs. Also, make it a point to ascertain that you won’t be encountering liabilities as long as you practice due care in handling the laptop.

The following guide for choosing specs and features should help:

Laptop for Writing and Working with Worksheets

A laptop to use for writing and blogging does not have to be powerful. However, don’t expect the laptops of yesteryears to always be enough. While you may have experienced old Windows XP computers working well with word processors and web browsing, the changes in web standards and other software-related standards have made it difficult for older laptops to work properly in the modern ecosystem.

For instance, web browsing using old browsers will not be as smooth as using the more recent versions of web browsers. The nature of online content has changed and older browsers have not been optimized to properly deal with them. The most recent specs and versions of operating systems and software are always preferable.

Obviously, since you need a laptop for writing, you have to make sure that what you are getting has the necessary applications or programs such as MS Word or OpenOffice. If these are not available, there should be a reliable web browser so you can access online word processing tools or spreadsheets.

On the hardware side, the monitor should be at a 15” while the keyboard should not feel too cramped. The processor can be from a minimum of 1.5 GHz. Additionally, all the basic connectivity features should be available. There should be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity as well as the card readers, LAN ports, and USB ports.

For Gaming and Multimedia Production or Editing

Gaming and multimedia production laptops need to be more powerful. They need to have better hardware. The monitor preferably has to be sharper. It should at least have a 1366×768 resolution. Display size should be at least 15 inches. The processor should be at least an A6 (for AMD) or an i3 (for Intel). When it comes to RAM, higher is always better. The minimum should be at around 4GB. The graphics card should be at least an Intel HD Graphics.

The laptop should also have the right ergonomics. The keyboard should be comfortable enough. The touchpad should be very responsive. You can request for an accessory USB keyboard or mouse if you find it necessary. Connectivity features should at least be similar to what you would expect to find in laptops intended for document creation and web browsing.

For the software aspect, it is always preferable to go for the laptop that carries the latest operating system. Also, you have to check if the software you need is already installed in the laptop. You can ask the store to install the software you need but there may be times when they don’t have the software you need so just be ready with your installer of the specific software you want to find on the laptop.

Know what you intend to use a laptop for to be able to get the right specifications you need. You may have to request for some augmentations such as the addition of a USB keyboard and mouse. Certain programs or applications may also be needed. It is important to properly evaluate the laptop to choose. Try using the item first to determine if it’s comfortable enough to use and to test the performance.

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