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What to Expect from Computer Rental in Santa Ana

What to Expect from Computer Rental in Santa Ana

Renting computers is nothing new especially in a relatively big city like Santa Ana in Orange County, California. There are many companies that offer computer rental in Santa Ana, California. But what can you expect to find? What offers or packages are typically available? What are the rental terms and limitations you can possibly encounter? Go over the following discussions to know the answers.

The Rental Options

You can rent computers in-store or you can take them out to a specific location where you need them.

Obviously, you will only be renting in-store if you need immediate access to a computer and to the Internet. It’s a cheaper option but it comes with a few drawbacks. For one, the store may not be conducive to doing any productive work. The store could be noisy or the setup of the computer may not be that ergonomic to enable comfortable use. Nevertheless, in-store rentals are a convenient option for those who just need a few minutes or hours to work on something.

Computers that can be brought to another location, on the other hand, are offered by a number of companies. They are an ideal option for conferences, meetings, exhibits, trade shows, lectures, and other similar functions. They are usually set up in the designated location by the personnel of the company renting them out.

Small businesses or companies that need computers while they are still waiting for their own computers to be repaired, delivered, or set up can also avail of rental computers in Santa Ana. A number of companies offer units for rent to be used in offices or in the workplace.

Typical Terms of Rental

Computers can be rented usually on a “per time used” basis. They can be charged based on the number of hours, days, or weeks they have been used. There are some that offer a uniform charge for a specific period and give back rebates if the computers are returned before the agreed period lapses.

Most companies charge for damage insurance while some may ask for a deposit to cover possible damages on the units loaned out. Accidental damages are something you can’t control so it’s better to go for the option that would free you of any liability in case accidents happen.

Before deciding on a company to rent the computers from, it is important to ascertain technical support. You have to ask if they are going to provide backup computers or send a technician in case some of the units they sent fail or malfunction. Technical assistance, especially in occasional troubleshooting needs, is also very important. The company should be able to guarantee these added services.

Making a Choice

Some companies still offer units that come with CRT monitors. It’s okay to have these monitors if you will be using a functional hall or venue where you don’t have to account for your electricity consumption. If you are a small business trying to get temporary computers for your operations, you have to make sure that the monitors you are getting are LCDs to ensure lower power consumption.

Moreover, the computers have to be properly inspected upon delivery to make sure that they are not defective. This is not just to avoid any liability but also to make sure that you will not be inconvenienced by the need to complain and deal with the problem of making do with defective units.

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